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We all know the world is now a very different place since the Covid-19 outbreak, and wearing a face covering is the recommended way we could all protect ourselves, our family and loved ones from breathing in harmful bacteria. Also, for anyone with undetected symptoms of Coronavirus, wearing a mask could help stop the spread of this terrible virus.

We are proud to say that Pro-Stretch Trims International are the chosen supplier to FIVE major sportswear companies and many leading brands in the worldwide leisurewear market.

All our Pro-Mask products are designed for comfort and protection, and produced using high quality materials.

Our Pro-Mask reusable mask is a 3 layer, washable, comfortable, breathable, antimicrobial, anti-odour, and water resistant fabric mask with an adjustable nose clip.

With anti mist technology to aid glasses wearers.

Together with social distancing and washing hands, Pro-mask could provide additional protection for all.

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Designed for comfort and reliability

With the ability to replace the filters meaning you can simply wash your mask – multiple times, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Replacement filters are also available to purchase separately, please see our products page .

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Made for All

Pro-Mask is designed to fit any face size and shape, and includes woven elastic straps for a very comfortable fit.

Child friendly versions available soon.

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For the times when a disposable is required

Our 4D paper version is an EU approved KN95 (FFP2) protective mask, for the times when a disposable mask is required.

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